Rubber Arena Surfaces


This is a high quality, all weather equestrian riding surface. The installation of a rubber surface is an important decision. Make sure you know what you are buying. Get it right! Please read our information carefully and consider an Equilogical surface as a viable option.

Rubber Surface Advantages

Rubber Arena Surfaces
  • ALL WEATHER - free draining in the wet, resists freezing in the winter.
  • DURABLE - hard wearing particles which won't wear down or disappear into the sand.
  • SOFT - for comfort and reduces the risk of injury to riders in a fall.
  • SAFE - Manufactured from steel free materials.
  • ENERGY - absorbs impact and gives spring.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - interlocking shreds minimises tracking, rutting and kickback. Minimal raking and re-levelling required.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSIBLE - manufactured from 100% recycled material.
  • RETAINS MOISTURE in the underlying sand during dry periods.
  • RESISTS the wind and avoids the surface and underlying sand being blown away.

Product Specification

We manufacture this product in our own factory. This ensures we are in control of material selection, quality, packaging, stock control and logistics.

It is manufactured from carefully selected rubber based waste and is processed under licence from the Environment Agency. The shred particle size is approximately 25-40mm square x 5-10mm thick leaf design, mainly of black rubber containing some fabric. The shred size allows the surface to be layered to 2" (50mm) in depth and is of sufficient size not to disappear into the underlying sand. The fabric content helps to discreetly interlock the shreds.

It is important to note that our product is not manufactured from tyres. Car and truck tyres contain steel wire which is difficult to fully extract unless the particles are granulated down to fine crumb, by which stage, it is too small for this application. A quick check involves rubbing a sample gently between the palms of your hands. Any traces of steel filament will immediately scratch your skin - bad news for your horse.


  • Commercial riding schools
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Private arenas
  • Lunging rings
  • Horse walkers
  • Other general equine exercise areas

The product has been successful in riding arenas with a high footfall and constant use.

How much do I need?

A standard 20m x 40m (800 m2) arena requires 22 to 25 tonnes to give a 2" (50mm) deep riding surface.

Quick quantity calculation:-

  • Calculate the area in square metres. E.g. 25m x 50m = 1250m2
  • Multiply the area by 0.03. E.g. 1250 x 0.03 = 37½ tonnes

Packaging and delivery

Rubber Arena Surfaces

The product is loaded into 1 tonne bulk bags at the point of manufacture. The bags have 4 handling hooks and are 2m tall.

These can be handled by a fork lift truck, a JCB-type excavator or a medium to large sized tractor with a spike.

The bags are usually delivered on an articulated curtain side truck. Please contact us with your post code for a delivery price.


Accepting delivery in the bulk bags allows you to position the bags around the arena before slitting them open. This method speeds up the laying process and reduced the risk of disruption to the underlying sand if a heavy spreading machine is used.

It is advantageous to manually rake out the rubber to avoid disrupting the underlying sand. When spread to 50mm thick, we recommend a light roll with a tractor / 4x4 / mini excavator. This process will lightly consolidate and seal the surface before use.

Arenas in the UK available to visit

UK Map

We have a number of arenas available in the UK which you can visit. You can see and feel the finished surface on an arena already in use. You will be able to talk to the horse owners and ask for their feedback and advice.

  • Penrith, Cumbria
  • Bedale, North Yorkshire
  • Crewe, Cheshire
  • Derby, Derbyshire
  • Chard, Somerset

By appointment only. Please contact us.

Equine Silica Sand

Why use Equine Silica Sand?

This is high-purity silica sand which doesn't contain the impurities of common sand. It has been through a screening process which ensures the texture and particle size is consistent. It is extremely durable, won't break down and also has excellent drainage properties.

Equilogical is an approved agent for Sibelco, a blue chip manufacturer of quality equine silica sand specifically intended for equestrian applications.

How much do I need?

A standard 20m x 40m arena requires 120 to 130 tonnes to give the minimum recommended depth of 4" (100mm).

Packaging and Delivery

Sand is delivered in bulk vehicle tipper units only. The sand can be tipped directly on to the arena assuming ground conditions are suitable. You also need to consider that the physical access to your arena will accommodate the vehicle size and gross weight and also allow for turning. If the access is limited, you may consider an alternative tipping site and then use smaller equipment to haul the sand to your arena.

8 wheel rigid vehicle 20 tonne loads
Articulated vehicle 30 tonne loads

Please contact us for an estimate.

Please note that our Silica sand can only be offered for sale when combined with the supply of our rubber surface.

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